“Disarmingly committed, receptive, and grounded, Deniz brings such intelligence, reserve and humor to the set - a delight to work with!” - Alyssa Rallo Bennett, director, "Loners" & “Madness of Art” series

Review: “This is Me Eating My____" with Et Alia Theater Company

"Bulat performs the spoken text with a light charm that combined with the sad yet hopeful nature of the piece creates something truly beautiful." 

istanbulberlin: Please Welcome International Women of the Et Alia Theater Company

"The newest member of the New York based multi-cultural theater company Et Alia, Deniz Bulat, got in touch with me. She wrote: "I would like to introduce our new project to you and also get to know you." 

ArtDog Istanbul: The Pandemic Can't Stop Them

"The two teams have the Turkish actor Deniz Bulat in common"