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“Disarmingly committed, receptive, and grounded, Deniz brings such intelligence, reserve and humor to the set - a delight to work with!” - Alyssa Rallo Bennett, director, "Loners" & “Madness of Art” series

Review: “This is Me Eating My____" with Et Alia Theater Company

"Bulat performs the spoken text with a light charm that combined with the sad yet hopeful nature of the piece creates something truly beautiful." 

Kanal B

After Et Alia's performance of This Is Me Eating ___, Deniz was invited to the morning news of Channel B in Turkey reported by Nebi Özdemir. In this live interview Deniz got to share her experience working with the company and shared the idea behind the performance.

Nilhan Nur Kışlalı at Gözlem: A Week in New York

"They were talking to the audience, making them a part of the performance. When Deniz stood in front of me and started talking directly to me my pupils widened in surprise." 

Sanat Okur: Women Theater Actors' Success in New York

"One of the actors is Turkish"

DHA: Ana Moioli Shares Her Award with Et Alia Theater

"As a part of the museum themed performance, the artists are able to move around the space and interact with the audience through projections, sound and physical improvisation." 

istanbulberlin: Please Welcome International Women of the Et Alia Theater Company

"The newest member of the New York based multi-cultural theater company Et Alia, Deniz Bulat, got in touch with me. She wrote: "I would like to introduce our new project to you and also get to know you." 

ArtDog Istanbul: The Pandemic Can't Stop Them

"The two teams have the Turkish actor Deniz Bulat in common" 

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