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“Disarmingly committed, receptive, and grounded, Deniz brings such intelligence, reserve and humor to the set - a delight to work with!” - Alyssa Rallo Bennett, director, "Loners" & “Madness of Art” series


BirGün: "The knot of freedom will be untied with women"

"Deniz Bulat, who performs in a one woman play that depicts a woman questioning freedom, says, “This is a story of the realization that no woman is free until all woman are free." 

This is a Turkish article; contact for translation. 


New To The Table Podcast: Deniz Bulat

The podcast created by Emma Stern and the SheShources Team aims to present conversations with guests who are in the theater, film, and tv industries. Deniz was a guest on October 18th, 2023.

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Shoutout Atlanta: Meet Deniz Bulat, Actor

"With everything I do I aim to create meaningful work that brings artists together and involve in work that represents people from different backgrounds. This is how I learn as an actor and human to be honest." 

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Voyage ATL: Conversations with Deniz Bulat

"That acknowledgment made me realize that as an actor, I can make an impact on someone’s life in a small way. That idea of making someone feel something gave me a purpose, so I wanted to keep chasing that feeling." 


Review: “This is Me Eating My____" with Et Alia Theater Company

"Bulat performs the spoken text with a light charm that combined with the sad yet hopeful nature of the piece creates something truly beautiful." 

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Kanal B

After Et Alia's performance of This Is Me Eating ___, Deniz was invited to the morning news of Channel B in Turkey reported by Nebi Özdemir. In this live interview Deniz got to share her experience working with the company and shared the idea behind the performance.

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Nilhan Nur Kışlalı at Gözlem: A Week in New York

"They were talking to the audience, making them a part of the performance. When Deniz stood in front of me and started talking directly to me my pupils widened in surprise." 

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Gazete Sanat: Ankara's First One Woman Play in English

"Tangled questions the meaning of freedom through a woman's life-story 

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Anka News: "Tangled" at Farabi Stage

"Deniz Bulat takes us through a 60 minute long journey through multiple characters

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Artdog Istanbul: Invisible Disco Presents "Angel"

"Invisible Disco Production's short film, Angel receives awards for Best Comedy Short Film and Best Actress in a Short Film at Istanbul Film Awards." 

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Osburnt: "This Is Me Eating___" Review

"Bulat ate forlornly at a table set for multiple diners, from an empty plate; I nearly joined her, but did not bring myself to, civility dictating that one waits to be asked.

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Sanat Okur: Women Theater Actors' Success in New York

"One of the actors is Turkish"

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DHA: Ana Moioli Shares Her Award with Et Alia Theater

"As a part of the museum themed performance, the artists are able to move around the space and interact with the audience through projections, sound and physical improvisation." 

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istanbulberlin: Please Welcome International Women of the Et Alia Theater Company

"The newest member of the New York based multi-cultural theater company Et Alia, Deniz Bulat, got in touch with me. She wrote: "I would like to introduce our new project to you and also get to know you." 

Invisible Disco Company Photo.jpg

ArtDog Istanbul: The Pandemic Can't Stop Them

"The two teams have the Turkish actor Deniz Bulat in common" 

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Sanattan Yansımalar: New York Educated Deniz Bulat Is On The Stage

"... Portraying multiple characters in an immigration story" 

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Tiyatro Dergisi: "Tangled" Set to Meet Its Audience on Farabi Stage

"Deniz Bulat will take us through the journey of Andrea's childhood into the present day by portraying multiple characters." 

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