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Tangled: A One Woman Play Performed By Deniz Bulat


Produced by Theater Libra, written and directed by Kadri Özcan, Tangled is an hour long one woman play performed by Deniz Bulat.


Tangled tells the story of a woman in search of freedom as the performer takes us through the journey of her life portraying her in many different ages and taking on the role of ten other characters. 

Tangled opened in January 2023 and continued to be performed in Farabi Sahnesi, Ankara throughout the season.  


ÖTE: World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2023  

"Öte follows Lela, a Black woman from New York City traveling alone through Turkey. In no rush to reach her destination, Lela is happily sidetracked by the chance encounters her journey provides."


Written and directed by Esra Saydam and Malik Isasis, produced by Eda Çarıkçı, Tribeca has its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2023.  

Deniz was the Unit Production Manager and the 2nd Assistant Director on the set of Öte and has an Associate Producer credit. She also had a cameo as post officer Selma and is the voice actor of Defne.


Et Alia Theater's This Is Me Eating___ Performance Trailer

Devised & Produced by Et Alia Theater

Directed by Debora Balardini

Associate Produced & Designed by Dave Morrissey Jr.


An immersive theater installation made of women bodies as they deal with their relationship to eating.

​After receiving the City Artist Corps Grant, Et Alia Theater produced This is Me Eating____ as an immersive, live theater performance at Alchemical Studios.


Invisible Disco Productions Presents: Angel 

Angel Poster with Laurels.png

Angel Teaser

Angel and Satan have to work together when they are recruited on a new mission for God in a modern setting. The duo try to decide on the fate of an immortal man, while struggling with each other and their mission.


Directed by Amelia Annen, written by and featuring Deniz Bulat as Angel.

Et Alia Theater Company Presents: This Is Me Eating Alone Thinking About Eating Together

This is Me Eating___ Poster.jpeg

This is Me Eating___ is an online series that deals with food, eating and body image, which launched in Spring 2020 by Et Alia Theater Company. Each participant who felt inspired by this project was invited to submit a piece of their own by filling in the blank with what they are metaphorically eating. 


This is Me Eating Alone Thinking About Eating Together is written and edited by Deniz Bulat, co-directed by Luísa Galatti, Ana Moioli, Maria Müller, Giorgia Valenti, Isabella Uzcàtegui, and produced by Et Alia Theater.

Deniz's Podcast Episode on Writer's Block Party


IDP co-founder Deniz joins hosts Thea and Lauren in conversation about her creative process. Deniz shares a beat sheet of her short film, "Untitled 1000" and discusses personal space and freedom translation to creative space and freedom, making film in which the audience forgets they're watching something through a physical camera lens, how geography affects the film experience, and what she does when she has writer's block. 

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